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VedicAstrology Science Affects Human life

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What is Vedic Astrology ?

A science that teaches the effects of planetary movements on people's lives is called astrology. Astrologers need to understand the correct position of planets, zodiacal fixed star signs at any given time, in relation to any place on earth. Once these parameters are known, astrologers can construct charts in relation to these positions. An astrologer studies these charts and with his Vedic knowledge makes predictions about the individual. Astrology also is used to understand one Karma for this life. Vedic Astrology is also known as the Jyotish, or the science of light. This science has its origins in India and is pre-dated to its ancient days. It also refers to the Hindu or Indian astrology, which has been documented by ancient sages in the Vedic Scriptures. This deals with the patterns of astral light, and how they determine the destiny of a person. Ancient sage Parasara is considered to be the original author of these Vedic texts. Vedic astrology readings are now gaining popularity even in the western world.

Veda in Sanskrit means knowledge in the broad sense, and is known to be the origin for the word Vedic. This knowledge encompasses every aspect of human life like the spiritual, cultural, technical, medical, political and astrological areas. All these areas of human life are found to be worded in our Sanskrit Vedic writings. Historical writings on Vedic astrology can been found in the human society even 5000 years ago.

Vedic philosophy or astrology assumes that all the things in our life are linked, according to the law of karma. It states that a human being lives according to certain parameters, which are created as a result of the actions performed in previous life. Karma is known to be predestined by the cosmic design. Because of this, lives are supposed to be predictive in nature. Astrology can tell us when the results of prior actions will come into reality in this life. Vedic astrology is today considered as an effective tool in providing clarity in peoples' lives, by resolving a lot of dilemmas people face.

How can benefit from Astrology?

Based on the astrological principles, a Horoscope Consultant in India or a chart shows the location of heavens according to the time and place of birth of a newborn. Vedic astrology studies the combined influences of these astronomical bodies and their effects on the human lives. A perfect reading based on Vedic astrology gives definition to these influences and tells us how they can affect the destiny of an individual. Astrologer in chennai states that the positioning of planets indicates the manner in which, a person has performed activities in his/her previous lives, and how those actions are going to affect the performance in the present life.

Important aspects of Jyotish is the preparation of the chart. This chart is a map with the positioning on planets according to the zodiac signs. These charts are also called the birth charts or as they are made according to the time and place of birth of a new born. Astrologers can know a lot about you by reading this chart. In this, your dasha (predictive timeline) is arranged based on the position of the planet. A well-educated and well-experienced astrologer can understand your personality based on the way your planets, signs and houses are placed on the chart. This will lead him to understand the possibilities and events of life. This can be about both the good and bad times in a person life. The Dashas or the timeline is then used to understand the timing of that particular event in the present life. Best astrologers in Chennai have the deeper understanding of what can happen in a person life.


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