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The Complete Apple Arcade Guide: New Gamers

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Apple in September of this year launched its new subscription gaming platform, Apple Arcade, allowing App Store users to pay the $4.99 per month to gain access to hundreds of games with no in-app purchases or other cost. This guide will provide all you must learn about Apple Arcade. What exactly is Apple Arcade? Apple Arcade is Apple's premium subscription gaming service, which lets players download and play the games included at a cost of one month with no additional costs. What is the cost Apple Arcade cost you? Apple Arcade costs $4.99 per month, and includes a free one-month trial. Apple also has a yearlong subscription available for $49.99 per year. This is a saving of $9.89 over the month-to one payment. Apple is also known to offer longer trials to those who purchase new gadgets and through agreements with carriers like Verizon. What is Family Sharing include? Yes. Yes. One Apple Arcade subscription costs $4.99 and permits up to six players in the family to play Apple Arcade games. Family Sharing is as easy to set up. Each family member require the same credit card that is linked to their Apple IDs. What games are included? Apple has joined forces with independent developers as well as large-scale gaming companies to create "new and unique" games that are available on the Apple Arcade service. Most of the content offered through Apple Arcade is brand new specifically for Apple Arcade however aside from the classic games which Apple has completely revamped. Apple collaborated with Annapurna Interactive, Bossa Studios, Cartoon Network, Finji, Giant Squid, Klei Entertainment, Konami, LEGO, Mistwalker Corporation, SEGA, Snowman Ustwo Games and a host of other developers to develop Apple Arcade games. Apple has been adding new games to Apple Arcade on a regular schedule, and there are currently more than 200 games available to play. They include original games along with classics like Fruit Ninja and Monument Valley, Threes, among others. Where can I locate Apple Arcade games? Apple has recently added an Apple Arcade tab in the App Store. This tab lets you search for all the games available through the Apple Arcade service. Apple's App Store editors will highlight various titles and provide suggestions to users to help find new games. Nope. Nope. Apple Arcade is an all-you-can-play subscription that allows users to play as often as you want and without additional costs for in-app purchases, and there are no charges for unlocking content. Since there aren't ads as well as no tracking of ads, which means privacy of the user is assured. All future upgrades and content updates are included in the subscription price. Will Apple Arcade games be available to purchase separately? No. Apple Arcade games are available on the iOS App Store only through Apple Arcade and cannot be bought separately without the purchase of an Apple Arcade subscription. Certain games are also accessible on consoles, but not on consoles. Can Apple Arcade games be played offline? Yep. Apple allows you to download these games and play without having the LTE or WiFi connection. Apple Arcade games are downloaded exactly like other games within the App Store, and can be downloaded by going to the Apple Arcade tab. What platforms are able to Apple Arcade games be played on? Apple Arcade games will work on the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Macs. The games can be played with Made for iPhone game controllers in addition to PS4 as well as Xbox controllers. Apple integrates controller support in iOS 13 as well as iPadOS 13. If you would like to play with the Apple Arcade controller, then iOS/tvOS/iPadOS 13 is required. Multi-platforms can be used to start games across different devices. You can switch between them without losing your place. For instance, if you'd like to play a game on Mac and then carry it with you with your iPhone then you are able to play on both devices. Where is Apple Arcade available? Apple Arcade is currently available in over 150 countries. In essence, every country that has an App Store has access to Apple Arcade games. What date was Apple Arcade launched? Apple Arcade officially launched on September 19, 2019 along with iOS 13. It is accessible on all the later versions of iOS as well. Apple Arcade games can be accessible through iOS devices, romsformame (on the main page) Macs, and the Apple TV. Apple Arcade is available one month for free before you subscribe. It's important to know that if the trial is cancelled prior to the expiration date has passed it will be terminated at the time of cancellation. If you want to give it a try for as long as you like without having to payfor it, cancellation before the trial expires is recommended. We've played with Apple Arcade, so if you're looking to get an idea of the experience before enrolling, make sure to watch our video. Are you searching for an answer to a question or have a suggestion that we have missed in our Apple Arcade guide? We'd appreciate hearing from you via the comments or drop us an email.


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